Get Digits Before a Decimal Point Using a Regular Expression in Nintex Workflow

Using the Regular Expression action in Nintex Workflow, you can get the digits before a decimal point.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Insert a Regular Expression action into your Nintex Workflow.
  2. Configure it with the following settings:
    1. String = Your number from a column or workflow variable.
    2. String Operation = Replace
    3. Pattern = \.[0-9]+
    4. Replacement String = Keep this empty
    5. Output = Text workflow vatiable
  3. You can then use the workflow variable as you need it.

Here are some examples from using this Regular Expression:

String Regular Expresssion Result
6.5 \.[0-9]+ 6
1234.5678 \.[0-9]+ 1234
1234567.89 \.[0-9]+ 1234567


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