Terminate a Site Workflow Instance

Ran into an issue where a Nintex site workflow was running and appeared to get stuck. The workflow status via the "View Workflow History" link was displaying as Completed, but the workflow still seemed to be running. So, I needed to cancel the site workflow. To terminate a site workflow: Verify that you have the... Continue Reading →

Workflow in Business Processes

All organizations run on processes – complex or simple, clearly defined or ambiguous, automated or by hand. Some of these processes are manual and have been that way for as long as anyone can remember. Employees often unknowingly spend hours, days and weeks annually waiting on manual approvals, written signatures and printed documents. Identifying these... Continue Reading →

Implementing a Contract Management Workflow Solution using SharePoint and Nintex

Most organizations deal with contracts in some form or another sales, legal, real estate, support agreements, equipment and services. The Contract Management process sometimes consists of a multi-step manual process that involves multiple employees in several departments. Contracts often go through several iterations and get passed back and forth between organization and client many times.... Continue Reading →

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