Nintex Workflow Stalling on Document Generation Action

I encountered an issue recently where a few Nintex Workflow 2013 workflows that had been running successfully for some time suddenly started stalling.  The workflows still showed a status of "In Progress" but were not moving forward.  Checking the Workflow Progress and Workflow Details pages showed no error messages or issues.  I finally noticed that these workflows were freezing when trying to... Continue Reading →

Regular Expression to Get All Characters After a Specific Character in Nintex Workflow

You can get all the characters after a specific character in a string using Nintex Workflow. Here are the steps to follow: Insert a Regular Expression action into your Nintex Workflow. Configure it with the following settings: Pattern = (^.*?(?=-)-)  where the "-" is the character (replace both "-" with your desired character) Replacement text = Keep this empty Input... Continue Reading →

Completed Nintex Workflow Pro Certificate and Nintex Workflow Admin Certificate

I recently completed both the Nintex Workflow Pro Certificate and the Nintex Workflow Admin Certificate. The Workflow Pro Certificate is for skilled Nintex platform users and covers designing, creating, and debugging Nintex workflows and forms. The Nintex Workflow Admin Certificate is for skilled Nintex platform administrators and covers various abilities and knowledge including the installation... Continue Reading →

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