Enable a Nintex Workflow to Start from the Item Menu

Nintex Workflow includes an option in the Workflow Settings to add an option on a list or library item menu to manually start a workflow.

Add an option on the item menu to start a workflow:

  1. Open the workflow in the Workflow Designer.
  2. Click on the Workflow Settings dropdown in the Settings section of the Ribbon.
  3. Choose the “Workflow Settings” option.


  4. Go to the Workflow Options section and click the box for “Enable workflow to start from the item menu” option.
  5. Add information for the following options:
    • Menu item label – Workflow label displayed in the item drop down menu.
    • Menu item image URL – URL for the workflow icon displayed in the item drop down menu. Can be an absolute or relative address.
    • Menu item position – Position of the workflow start option in the item drop down menu. Use the options below for placement in a normal SharePoint list:
      • 0 – Top Position
      • 200 – Second position
      • 255 – Third position
      • 898 – Fourth position
      • 900 – Fifth position
      • 1000 – Sixth position
      • 1050 – Seventh position
      • 1100 – Eighth position
      • 1175 – Ninth position
      • 2000 – Last position
  6. Click on the Save button in the ribbon to save your changes to the items to the Workflow Options section.
  7. Publish the workflow to enable the start option in the item drop down menu.


Start the workflow from the item menu:

  1. Go to the item and open the item drop down menu by clicking on the three dots (…).
  2. Click on the workflow start option in the item menu.
  3. Click on the Start button on the Start Workflow page to kick off the workflow.


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