“Transitioning from InfoPath to Nintex” Whitepaper Published

I can now add “Whitepaper Author” to my resume.  Nintex recently published the “Transitioning from InfoPath to Nintex” whitepaper that I authored with their team.

If you’re currently using InfoPath and are considering a move to Nintex Forms, this whitepaper will be a great resource for you.  You’ll find information about Nintex Forms features and functionality, transitioning best practices, which forms make sense to convert, a real-world forms migration scenario, and what other organizations have to say about their transitioning experiences.

Here’s a summary of the “Transitioning from InfoPath to Nintex” whitepaper:

Microsoft has retired InfoPath but transitioning to a new forms solution doesn’t have to be daunting. And whether you use InfoPath or don’t use any forms solution, implementing Nintex Forms can result in increased productivity and other benefits for your organization.

We built Nintex Forms to be easy to use, customizable, mobile-friendly, dynamic and powerful. Customers like BGC Engineering rely on Nintex Forms to capture valuable information. “Having all of my forms available on my device has really helped accelerate the process of gathering information when I’m in the field,” says Annie Ruksys, Geological Engineer at BGC. “It makes my job easier knowing that I can just enter the data, and it is sent automatically once a connection is available.”

In our “Transitioning from InfoPath to Nintex” whitepaper, you’ll find answers to the following questions:

  • What features and functionality make Nintex Forms unique – and help customers like BGC Engineering successfully complete projects faster?
  • What are best practices for transitioning to Nintex Forms?
  • How do you identify which forms make the most sense to convert to Nintex Forms?
  • What’s a real-world forms migration scenario?
  • What do employees at organizations that have transitioned from InfoPath to Nintex Forms say about their experiences?

Download the “Transitioning from InfoPath to Nintex” whitepaper.

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