Number Rounding Using Nintex Workflow (Part 1)

Rounding a number via Nintex Workflow is a two-step process. Start by creating a “Single line of text” and a “Number” workflow variable.

Step 1 – Round the Number

Use the “Build string” action and configure it to use the fn-Round Inline Function. Set the action fields to:

Text = fn-Round({ItemProperty:Number})

Store result in = Text workflow variable

The {ItemProperty:Number} field can be an inserted reference of a value, item property or workflow variable.

Step 2 – Convert the Number

Use the “Convert value” action to convert the text value in Step 1 back to a number. Configure the action with:

Input = Text workflow variable

Store result in = Number workflow variable

You can then use the Number workflow variable within the rest of your workflow.

Update: There seems to be an issue with numbers greater than or equal to 1,000. I address this issue in my Number Rounding Using Nintex Workflow (Part 2) post.

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